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This course covers all the basics of how to get up and running with AngularJS. An InDepth training course.

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This AngularJS training course from Infinite Skills teaches you all about this open-source JavaScript framework. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no prior knowledge of AngularJS is required, however you should already have a fundamental understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Course Curriculum

Bahubali Details 00:00:00
AngularJS: Basic Introduction (for very beginners) Details 00:26:00
AngularJS: What are Controllers and how to use them Details 00:28:00
Angular JS: Understanding $scope and its relation with Controller/View Details 00:53:00
Angular JS: Understanding $scope and its relation with Controller/View Details 00:53:00
AngularJS: Understanding Scope Inheritance Details 00:29:00
AngularJS: Understanding RootScope ($rootScope) Details 00:24:00
AngularJS: Understanding (one-way, two-way, one-time) Data Binding Details 00:45:00
AngularJS: AJAX using ASP.NET Web API & Node.JS Details 01:07:00
AngularJS: Developing Custom Services (factory vs service vs Provider) Details 01:12:00
AngularJS: ng-if, ng-repeat, ng-show, ng-hide and Bootstrap CSS framework integration Details 00:53:00
AngularJS: How to work with “Filters” Details 00:30:00
AngularJS: Custom Directives – Getting Started Details 00:43:00
AngularJS Directives – Compile and Link in depth – Part 1 Details 00:41:00
AngularJS Compile and Link – Part 2: DOM Manipulation and Event handling Details 00:28:00
AngularJS – Understanding Watcher, $watch, $watchGroup, $watchCollection, ng-change Details 00:42:00
AngularJS – Understanding digest cycle (digest phase or digest process or digest loop) Details 00:37:00
AngularJS Tutorial – Understanding $apply and $digest (in depth) Details 00:40:00
AngularJs Tutorial: $eval vs. $parse vs. $interpolate Details 00:41:00
AngularJs Tutorial: What is Shared Scope (in Directives) Details 00:23:00
AngularJs Tutorial: Inherited Scope (or Child Scope) in Directives & Controllers Details 00:50:00
AngularJs Tutorial: Isolated Scope In Directives (in-depth) Details 00:58:00
AngularJs Tutorial: Transclusion (Getting Started) Details 00:30:00
AngularJS Tutorial: Clone Linking Function in Transclusion (transclude function) Details 00:17:00
AngularJS Tutorial: Transclusion Scope and Custom data Details 00:44:00
Angular.js Routing: Getting Started (using ngRoute) Details 00:39:00
Angular.js Routing: Getting Started (using ngRoute) Details 00:39:00
AngularJS – Routing Parameters (using ngRoute, $routeParams and redirection)) Details 00:31:00
AngularJS Tutorial: $route Service and AJAX content (using ngRoute) Details 00:54:00
AngularJS ‘Resolve’ in Routing – Resolving Routes in ngRoute Details 00:46:00
AngularJs UI-Router: Introduction & Getting Started Details 00:35:00
AngularJS UI-Router Tutorial – Working with Parameters Details 00:51:00
AngularJS UI Router: Working with $state Service Details 00:43:00
AngularJS UI Router: Understanding “Resolve” Details 00:37:00
AngularJS UI-Router: Multiple and Simultaneous Views Details 00:32:00
AngularJs UI-Router: Nested States and Nested Views Details 01:01:00
AngularJs: Broadcast, Emit and Custom Events Details 00:50:00

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